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I’ve personally always thought Dickens’ works were boring. But I guess people back then didn’t have as many forms of entertainment, so they were amazed at his writing style and style of performance. I’ve read and seen the movie of his work The Christmas Carol, and I tried reading Great Expectations for summer reading a couple years back. I couldn’t get hooked on it, so I read something else instead, I can’t really remember. The thing I remember most about his life is his hate for his parents, particularly his mother. She argued that he should stay in his dangerous job because they needed money, even after making their way out of debtor’s prison. His book Oliver Twist was the first novel in English to focus on a child as the main character. There’s your obscure fact. Here’s the cover of Oliver Twist, to help you get the idea.



1. The Globe was originally built in 1598 in London’s Bankside District.

2. Shakespeare’s incredibly popular plays made the Globe Theater famous.

3. The wealthy sat in the balconies across the top outside of the Globe.

4. Groundlings were the people that had little to no money, and they usually stood in front of the stage, rather than sitting in balconies.

5. In 1644 the Globe was torn down by the Puritans. The New Globe Theater opened to the public 1994.

6. The Theatre was built by James Burbage and is considered the first theater in London.Other popular theaters during this time include the Theatre, the Rose, and the Curtain.

Setting- Most likely somewhere like China or Japan. Definitely somewhere in Asia.

Characterization- Obviously being able to see the characters in the video adds direct characterization, but you can use indirect characterization to infer things about the deaf girl that may not be physically visible, like the fact that she is hearing impaired.

Conflict- The internal conflict is shown as the girl doubting herself because she is different from the others. Her disability makes her feel like she cannot compete with them, but the street performer helps convince her otherwise. The external conflicts occur between the two female musicians, and between the street performer and possible thugs.

Symbolism- The main character represents determination and resilience. No matter how many obstacles you have, whether they be physical or mental, nothing can stop you if you try hard enough.

Protagonist- The protagonists are the girl that plays the violin and the street performer that comes to her aid.

Antagonist- The antagonists are the girl that plays the piano and the thugs that assault the street performer.

Irony- The fact that this deaf girl is the one that truly understands and has the ability to create incredible music, when she isn’t even able to hear it.

Climax I’d say the climax is when the guy gets beat up and she performs while he is in the hospital, despite her violin being smashed.

Theme- The theme is ‘never give up,’ or in the words of John Locke, “Don’t tell me what I can’t do.”

I personally hate blogging, and I’m sure I will this year because I did last year too. But it’s definitely better than sitting in the classroom and doing a bunch of bookwork, so oh well

Powerpoint on Emily Dickinson

I think that the lyre bird’s ability to mimic noises is impressive. I’m still not quite convinced that the bird made that chainsaw sound, that seemed a bit too weird.. The camera sounds and stuff were pretty awesome. I think that the noises made by the bird show that civilization is having a negative impact on the natural world. It seems like we damage nature far more than we help it, and the fact that the bird makes camera, car, and ‘chainsaw’ noises only supports that.

The media today portrays perfection as skinny and lots of make up. The fact that we even have to photoshop our most popular models says that our perception of beauty is messed up. The site below just backs up what I just said. I think society needs to rethink how it defines perfection.

This is obviously the witch from the Wizard of Oz. The difference between this and the witches from Puritan times is, for one thing, the skin color. The women back then were definitely not green. Also, they didn’t have brooms or hats or unreasonably large noses, they were just normal girls acting weird.

I didn’t think that this site simulated the Salem Witch Trials very well. It might have been better if we had headphones and there was music or sounds or something, but having to read all of the paragraphs pretty much ruined it. It also would have been better with some videos or something. I think the way I acted in the experience thing is how I would act back then. I was not dissapointed with my choice.

I got only 6 right the first time I went through. It was a lot harder to classify people than I thought it would be,¬†and the results were surprising. I never would have expected the people that were chosen and classified as ‘whites,’ I didn’t think they looked white at all. I classified people mostly by the color of their skin and facial features. That one guy that was supposedly a white definitely looked like a Hispanic because of his mustache, which I guess is a little racist but oh well. I guess this is important because it makes us realize sometimes judging someone or assuming they are a certain race is incorrect.